1801 Census Information

The Districts and which part of Dundee they referred to


1 from the east end of Seabraes east to Hospital Royalty
2 from Hospital east to foot of Long Wynd on the south side Royalty
3 from Mill Wynd eastwards to Tay street north side Royalty
4 from Tay Street east  to foot of Long Wynd,north side Royalty
5 from foot of Long Wynd east to the School Wynd, north side Royalty
6 from foot of Long Wynd south side, east to Couties Wynd and downwards to the foot, including the closes Royalty
7 from the foot of Coutties Wynd west to Mr Reid's house being the end of that district Royalty
8 from the Grammer School Wynd to the head of Coutties Wynd north side Royalty
9 from the head of Couties Wynd east on north side including the Inglish Chapel to south side of Kirk. Wynd Royalty
10 from Couties Wynd eastwards taking in south side of Nethergate and north side of the street leading east from foot of Couties Wynd to the Vault including the west side Royalty
11 from the wood yard at the back of the chemists, westwards to Sailors Hall, the Shore Royalty
12 from the foot of Couties Wynd east, taking in that row of houses along by the Fleshmarket on both sides to the old Custom house Royalty
13 from  Mrs Cathro's land to the foot of Tindales Wynd down to North Custom House Royalty
14 from Alexander Stewart's house, east by back of the Town House on both sides, round by the stationer, Mrs Miller, and Tindales Wynd up and down as far as Castle Street Royalty
15 from Castle Street east and down by the burn head and past the south side of the Seagate to the Deen Burn Royalty
16 from the Den Burn west, then the north side of Seagate to include  the closes lying next to the Seagate as far as the Trades Hall etc etc Royalty
17 from the Trades Hall east to the south side of the Murraygate to the Horse Wynd Royalty
18 from the Horse Wynd east to the south side of the Nethergate to the Dens, taking in the closes and lanes connected therewith Royalty
19 from the Den Burn up to  the bridge & west taking in the north side of Cowgate Royalty
20 King Street, south side Royalty
21 King Street, north side Royalty
22 Bains Square Royalty
23 Southside Bucklemakers Wynd east to the Dens Royalty
24 from the head of the Wellgate down the west side to the foot Royalty
25 Moodie Street Royalty
26 from foot of Wellgate west to north side of Murraygate taking in the closes pertaining to these areas Royalty
27 from Broad Close west to the east end of High Street on the north side Royalty
28 from the east end of the High Street west to the Burial Wynd Royalty
29 Burial Wynd Royalty
30 from the foot of Burial Wynd west and the north side of the Overgate to Tay Street Royalty
31 North Tay Street Royalty
32 from the foot of N. Tay St., W. of Overgate taking in Hallyburtons Square Royalty
33 from the Port Kirk east the south side of the Overgate to Tay St Royalty
34 Tay Street Royalty
35 From Tay Street east and the south side of the Overgate to the head of Long Wynd Royalty
36 From the head of the Long Wynd east, the south side of the Overgate to the school wynd Royalty
37 From School Wynd east, the south side of Overgate to the Thorter Row down the west side of said row the west, the north side of K. Wynd, up by the chruchyard to the Overgate Well Royalty
38 From the east side of the Thorter row up and east by the Luken Booths & west, the south side to the K. Wynd which ends the Royalty Royalty
39 From the port Kirk to west, the south side of the street to the head of the Mill wynd & down the said wynd on the east side taking in the lanes annixt thereto which ends the Royalty Royalty
40 Low road leading to the Magdalene green and both sides up and down Suburbs
41 From the head of the road leading to the M''yard west the south side of the Toll road taking in the houses connected with it west to Quarrie Hall beyond the Toll Barrier Suburbs
42 From the west most house on the north side of the Toll road east to the foot of Mill Wynd Suburbs
43 From the foot of Mill Wynd up the west side of the south side of  Hawkhill Rd. to the west most & houses on that side taking in all closes & lanes corners there with Suburbs
44 Extends from the west-most house on the north side of the Hawkhill Rd eastwards to the Flesh Market Suburbs
45 Extends from the Flesh Market at the West Port and west of the road leading to Blackness to the Gowden Knowes Suburbs
46 Gowden Knowes Suburbs
47 Maryfield Suburbs
48 Blackness Suburbs
49 Balgay Suburbs
50 Butterwell Suburbs
51 Lochee Feuars on the Ground of Balgay Suburbs
52 Ground of Loggie Suburbs
53 Loggie Farm Suburbs
54 Loggie  Suburbs
55 Fluken Craig Suburbs
56 Loggie Brae Suburbs
57 Latch of Bl.nys? Suburbs
58 Norrfield Suburbs
59 CherryField Suburbs
60 S. Burn Suburbs
61 West Know. Suburbs
62 Pleasance Suburbs
63 Dudhope Suburbs
64 Farm west of the law and eastwards to Coldeside Suburbs
65 Coldside Suburbs
66 Butterburn Suburbs
67 Southside of the Hospital Land or Mr Knight's Park Suburbs
68 West of Clepington Suburbs
69 East End Suburbs
70 Ward End Suburbs
71 South Garden Suburbs
72 Nether Chapelshade Suburbs
73 Mid Chapelshade Suburbs
74 South side of Dudhope Wynd to the beginning of the West Know Suburbs
75 North side of Dudhopes Wynd Suburbs
76 Dallfield Beginning at the foot of East Side Suburbs
77 West side of Dalfield Street Suburbs
78 Head of Constitution Brae Suburbs
79 Rose Bank Suburbs
80 Upper Dallfield Suburbs
81 Westside of Hilltown starting at the foot Suburbs
82 Extends from the eastside of the Hill, beginning at the head, down to Bucklemakers Wynd Suburbs
83 Extends to the Northside of Bucklemakers Wynd,beginning at the west end Suburbs
84 Bonnybank Suburbs
85 Hill Bank Suburbs
86 Forebank Suburbs
87 Wallace Suburbs
88 Ropewalk Suburbs
89 Blackscroft Suburbs
90 Peepaday Suburbs
91 Oliver's Croft Suburbs
92 Bottlework House Suburbs
93 Peters Town Suburbs
94 Rood Yards Suburbs
95 Roodyards Cottage Suburbs
96 Toll House Suburbs
97 Lilybank Suburbs
98 Stobswell Suburbs
99 Craigie Millhouses Suburbs
100 Gallowhill Suburbs
101 Old Town of Craigie Suburbs
102 Craigie  Cottown Suburbs
103 Milltown Suburbs
104 West Stannergate Suburbs
105 East Stannergate Suburbs
106 Porters Lodge Suburbs
107 Craigie House Suburbs
108 East Farm (May Field) Suburbs
109 Taybank Suburbs
110 Spring Gardens Suburbs
111 West Farm Hillock Suburbs
112 Douglas  Green Suburbs
113 Drumgeith Suburbs
114 Mountphelior Suburbs
115 Kellyfield Suburbs
116 Potatoes Hall Suburbs
117 Baldovie Suburbs
118 Baldovie Farm Suburbs
119 Pitcarry/Mill Baldovie Suburbs
120 Pitcarry House Suburbs
121 Mill Pitcarry Suburbs
122 Lamberton Suburbs
123 Dameye Suburbs
124 Caldside Suburbs
125 Duntroon Suburbs
126 Morehouses Suburbs
127 Mill Duntroon Suburbs
128 Ballunie Suburbs
129 Claypots Suburbs
130 West Ferry Suburbs
131 Mid Ferry Suburbs
132 Toll House Suburbs