More additional details of Dundee Burgesses

Information from Dr David Dobson

1593 Patrick Air.

Patrick Air of Nether Liff (Patrick son of David Air (portioner of Guthrie) & Margaret Sibbald.
Burgess of Dundee
Husband of Grisel Strachan, feuar of Scone Abbey 1593
Died 1625 testament 16 1 1626 Brechin.
Father of Margaret, Catherine, Euphane Matilda, Patrick, Janet, Guissell.
Forfar Sassines circa 1620 S1.127/177.

Patrick Air (jun)(Portioner of Dunkeny  [died Oct 1672] and  Jean Lindsay    1/5/1649.
Burgess of Dundee
QM of Angus Regiment
Baillie to Viscount Dudhope
Forfar Sassines, Register of Deeds (CS)
Testament 1675, Brechin