Dundee and the Duke of Cumberland

Dundee and the Duke of Cumberland


From the Council Minute Books

22nd Feb 1746 – Council informed that the Duke of Cumberland would be in Montrose on the 24th, and it was agreed that the Provost and a committee go to Montrose to wait upon him, and to assure him of the loyalty of the Town of Dundee.

31st Mar 1746. – Council agrees to accord the Duke of Cumberland a Burgess ticket, this to be presented in a gold box, both ticket and box to be made in Edinburgh
also an address would be agreed to by a council committee and send to the King declaring the loyalty of the Town of Dundee to the King.

10th April 1746
The council agreed to hold celebrations to mark the birthday of the Duke of Cumberland and have a day of joy. The Council, Magistrates and other invited gentlemen to meet at the market Cross on that day and drink the Duke’s health, after which they would then be invited back to the Town House. That all houses in the main street to have their windows illuminated between 8 and 10 o’clock at night and this to be announced throughout the town by the drum under a common penalty if they did not.

11th April 1746
The town was to apply for a supply of 300 sets of arms and ammunition from Edinburgh to be employed in the defence of the Town. Baillie Hallyburton to go to Edinburgh with such men as he requires to transport these to Dundee.

25th April 1746
The Council after being assured that victory had been made by the government forces at Culloden, appointed that public rejoicings be made in the burrow. That the Council and other invited gentlemen assemble at the Cross and windows to be illuminated from 8 to 10 at night in celebration.

6th June 1746
Council agreed to send a deputation to Edinburgh to present the Burgess Ticket and gold box to the Duke of Cumberland (Sat or Sunday). Provost Yeaman, & Tealine to go with ‘Lundy’ (Alexander Duncan) and deliver the burgess ticket. The cost of the Gold box and Burgess ticket came to £45 10s 6d sterling.

Iain D. McIntosh