Early Days of Broughty Ferry - When it was an Independant Town.

Old Broughty 1840


The original picture, along with key naming the different persons represented, was in the Broughty Ferry Town Council Chambers. On the right is see a salmon cobble with “hang and toot” net. (So called as the net was hung from the boat and attached to windlass on shore: when salmon were in the net the boatman shouted “haul,” and from this signal came the word “toot”.)

Broughty Magistrates

George Hair Newall 1864-1866
Wm. Warden Rennie 1866-1870.
James Cunningham  1870-1873.
Wm. Hynd Norrie 1873-1876.
John Leadbetter  1876-1878
George Halley 1878-1881
James Mudie 1881-1886.
James Guthrie Orchar 1886-1898.
Baxter Gray. 1898-1907.
William Lindsay 1907-1913