Dutch Submarine O-22.

With the invasion of Holland on the 10th May 1940, the Dutch boats in the East Indies remained on station while those in Europe were either captured, sabotaged or escaped to Britain, two of the ‘O9’ class, three of the ‘O12’ class and four of the ‘O21’ Class, as these boats were not suitable for close work in the English Channel, they were sent to operate from Dundee to augment the patrols in open waters around the Norwegian coast.

These waters continued to be good hunting grounds for the allied submarines. The ‘O13’ was sunk by a mine in June 1940 and ‘O22’ was also a casualty and sunk.
The 10,780 Dutch passenger liner Columbia, the largest ship to berth in Dundee, served as their base ship during 1940-41, she was torpedoed of the Cape of Good Hope in 1943, the ‘O23’ was sent to the far east in 1941. 

The Names on the Memorial


  J. W. Ort  
Ch. Aartsen H. de Groot P.M. Oudendijk
J. C. Baljé J. T. Hancock * J. van der Plas
A. de Best J. A. Van ‘t Hof R. Polman
J. Blaauw J. W. Van Hoorn W.S.J. A. Prins
H. D. Blommert Th.H. van Huet J. Rademaker
P. Brinkman J. J. van Iterson C.P.A. de Ruijsscher
M. Bronke M. R. Jackson * D.W. Spraakman
C. Broodman C. J. Jens G.J.C. Stolk
G. de Bruijn G. S.  Kuster F.A. Tours
J. Carruthers * G.D. Kwast J.W. Udink
C. van Dongen H. Meerbeek J.J. Venema
P. B. Duin M. H. Meijer J.J.H.  Walbeek
A. Duine F. N. van Mil P. van der Werf
J. H. van Ginkel J. C. Mosterdijk B.H. Wiedeler
W. J. R. Gommers J. Nuijen B. Wolven


Also those marked with an asterix * were 'liason officers'. Each submarine had 3 Liason officers on board.

With many thanks to Cdr (retd) Jouke Spoelstra, RNINavy/Submarine Service

Project "Search for the O-13"


The names and ranks of all crewmembers can also be found on the website of the Foundation Relatives Submarines 1940-1945