The Caledon Shipyard.

The Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company Dundee Scotland

The Caledon Company was established by W. B. Thompson who opened the Tay Foundry at Stobswell Dundee in 1866 where four steam powered yachts were built before the Caledon yard was established at the shore in Dundee on the North bank of the River Tay. Ship No.6 was the yacht BANSHEE for the Earl of Caledon after whom the yard was named. The firm traded as W.B. Thompson until 1896 when prevailing conditions caused a re-formation of the company under the new name of Caledon

Shipbuilding and Engineering Company. The shipyard by 1916 was situated at Carolina Port and the Marine Engine works, taken over by W.B. Thompson in 1889, were at Lilybank Foundry bounded by Kemback St, Arbroath Road and Morgan St. In 1916 a boilershop and 130 ton crane were built at Carolina Port and a new shipyard laid down at Stannergate.

The Lilybank engine works survived in production till 1932 when the last engine, for the KYLECLARE, was produced. This occurred when the UK shipbuilding industry was in depression. It is worth noting that much of the content of a Caledon built ship was sourced in Scotland from the engines, boilers, pumps and steering gear to the majority of the steel and fastenings.

Shipbuilding in the UK faced increasing world competition in the 1960's and large scale rationalisation took place resulting in the Caledon company joining Henry Robb of Leith to become Robb Caledon in 1968. The last vessels at the Caledon Shipyard were built in 1980.

During the life of the yard 509 ships were built with 20 barges and 34 launches in addition.
Caledon built ships gained a reputation for quality and longevity which was rewarded by repeat business over many decades from top drawer merchant shipping companies. This work aims to stand witness to the management, design and workmanship which sustained the company through more than a century of high quality shipbuilding.

Operations ceased in Dundee in 1981


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